Committee Minutes October 2022 - Queens Quay Residents Association

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Committee Minutes October 2022

Meeting held via Zoom
on Wednesday 19th October at 1800hrs
Attending: Rodney Clark, Ro Foley (Chair), Emma Gordon-James (representing Templemark for St James’ Property Management), Peter Knight, Colin Mason, Emma McNiven, Brian Mooney, Sophia Mooney, Geoffrey Purves, Sailesh Vekaria & Stuart Wilson,
1.      Apologies
 Alderman and Sheriff Alastair King DL
Margaret Shaw

2.      Minutes of previous meeting 13.6.22
 These were approved.

3.      Refurbishment
Emma G-J led this part of the meeting. Various images were shared (those that had been sent out in the Agenda pack). Emma G-J presented design concepts by two designers, one a designer Simeon Thompson ( and the other, an architect Chris Dyson (
Emma G-J said that at the moment details are just concepts, giving the idea of design. She wanted to gauge our opinions. It was clear that Simeon has a more hotel/luxury feel whereas the designs by Chris were more akin to what we have now.
QQRA needs to decide which route want to go down. What was unanimous, regardless of which designer we choose is that certain items will have to be done.
 Light fittings on the corridors: these will have single rows of LED spotlights. There was concern that these can’t be changed (like a normal lightbulb), however once installed they usually last and last…eventually they would have to be replaced but this is far more economical that what we currently have. The lights will be on sensors, above each flat door there will be a sensor. Ceiling tiles will have to be replaced. The idea is to give a less hospital look but a warmer feel. Emma G-J keen to move with this soon.
Carpets: these will be changed. QQRA keen to keep a colour but not brown.
Costs: Important discussion. Neither designer has given Emma G-J a costing. Sailesh recommended passing a budget for each area to each designer. He suggests changing walls carpets and ceiling tiles. Painting too. Budget is key. Corridors, Entrance and then look at loose fittings, hard fittings etc…We must not give them an open cheque book. Emma G-J thought that in the reserve fund there will be c. £200,000 for this refurb. Emma G-J needs to give the exact figure to the QQRA. Sailesh will put a budget together giving us an idea of where we can spend more/cut costs. Again, crucial for us to know what the designers would be charging. Prices would be good to have to hand before any major decisions are taken.
 Refurb any other points:
The ramp: this has to be incorporated/integrated at the entrance. Sailesh feels there will be not problem doing this, he is going to check the gradients. This should not be a particularly high cost.
Rebranding of QQ: it was agreed font etc on Jacques’ desk, outside and the buzzer panel would need to change and become uniform. However, the redesign needs to happen first.
Panelling and cleaning: the panelling above the entrance will be redone, this is pending. As is the cleaning of the brick work. These costs (cleaning, door & canopy) will be assumed by the Westin Hotel as agreed. QQ will have to pay for camera/lighting etc though.
Structural work: Emma G-J would like to start on the structural work that needs to be done on the pillars into the Thames. The point was raised about whether the hotel would contribute as they will have a restaurant directly above it. A simple check of the lease should determine who pays for what.
Powered doors by entrance: no-one is happy with the new door. It is heavy and difficult to manoeuvre, not least if you are in a wheelchair or pushing a buggy. Peter Knight has researched with a company called Fortress for a quote on a door not dissimilar to Sir John Lyon House. However, Sailesh and Emma G-J pointed out that when these doors go wrong sometimes you can wait for a long time to get it repaired. This might mean long periods with the door being open. Another point on the doors, is that during a Fire Alarm the door has to be kept open, this is to speed evacuation, but then shut quickly when all residents are outside.
Action plan: Everyone agreed we need to do the refurb but to keep it clean and simple. Sailesh and Emma G-J will be talking together and to the designers. Sophia will join discussions to ensure there is a fair representation of our committee is involved. Sophia will take notes and relay back to the committee.
 A simple search on Companies House Register will also give further details on both designers plus the years they have been working.
Emma G-J would prefer to work with Simeon.
4.      Roof
Greenery on the roof was discussed. Emma was contacted by the City of London Corporation (CoLC) about whether the roof was structurally sound to have trees etc which it is not. In the end QQRA will do our own thing. Sophia will head up a team of green fingered volunteers to repot/replant the current 10-12 terracotta pots with durable plants. This will be late winter/early spring (March 2023).

5.      Corridors
Due to no delivery, there has been an extremely low roll out of the installations of fire doors in the corridors. Some floors fully completed others are far behind, some doors are installed but the magnetic catches have not been. Emma G-J to chase.

6.      Christmas Party
It was agreed not to hold one this year.

7.      Treasurer’s Report
Over £8,900 is in the bank. We have spent approximately £30 in the last six months. Ro Foley confirmed that each year money is given to the postmen/dustmen etc and James the cleaner for Christmas. On average £1200 comes from Templemark each year. Half will normally be spent on presents for the providers mentioned above. It will be a little more this year given inflation.

8.      AOB
Website – general feeling is that we should put out information online for other residents. Minutes from meetings to now be posted.
Work in the basement. The lease agreement with Templemark is still outstanding. Last contact confirmed fine with the City Solicitors. Legals still being agreed. Sailesh to follow up.
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