Committee Minutes February 2023 - Queens Quay Residents Association

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Committee Minutes February 2023

Queen’s Quay Residents Association
Meeting held via Zoom
Tuesday 7th February at 1800hrs
Attending: Ro Foley (Chair), Peter Knight, Colin Mason, Deputy Brian Mooney, Sophia Mooney, Geoffrey Purves, Sailesh Vekaria & Stuart Wilson
1.      Apologies – from Rodney Clark, Alderman and Sheriff Alastair King DL, Emma McNiven and Margaret Shaw
2.      Minutes of previous meeting 19th October 2022 were approved.  
3.      Basement work
·  The lease was signed last year.
·  There has however been no instruction from the Westin Hotel to execute the works yet. Sailesh Vekaria will talk with Emma Gordon-James regarding the lockers. The drainage connection works are to be done from just above the lockers. The contractors need access to around 10 lockers in total. Brian Mooney would like Emma G-J to send a list through to notify those tenants – a few months’ notice would be appropriate. The contents of lockers can be stored near the fire escape. The works above each locker will take between 24-72hrs.
 4.      Refurbishment – Corridor lighting and sensors
 ·  Ro Foley was hoping to have some plans by now from the chosen designer, but they will not be available until the end of the month. Ro would like to see a couple of ideas, colours. It would be useful for Emma G-J to let us have the designs and circulate them to the committee certainly to make a decision based on our choice.
 ·  The relighting on the corridors have started on the first floor and second floor. Ro feels it is a poor job. The lights are not coming on properly at all. Emma G-J needs to come to check that the lights come on properly.
 ·   Sailesh thought that the works on the first floor were just sample lighting for us to make observations and then find a final choice/solution with Emma G-J.
 ·    The contractors have been leaving lots of rubbish down in the basement and say it is not their job contractually to take it away. Stuart will talk to Emma G-J about this.
 ·   Sailesh reminded the committee that both he and Sophia were meant to be involved in communication with Emma G-J. We still don’t know how much the budget is and we may not want to spend that money. Sailesh to chat to Emma and update Sophia.
 5.      External works to roadway
 ·   Ro has spoken to the workers and they suggested it would be mid to late February when this section is finished.
 ·   Peter Knight is concerned about the drop curve and parking. John Absalom got a ticket with his car going over the curve, with the end of his car hanging over the line. He has appealed and we will have to wait to see what the result is. Brian Mooney says it will be up to the Common Council to convince the Corporation we can have our tails over the slope. Brian will push for this issue to allow us to park.
 6.      Roof
 ·  Annual maintenance for the roof was discuss - the planted area needs weeding. Sophia and Peter will start on that and the re-potting with hardy & colourful flowers/plants. They will also look at the furniture replacement. Likely to start end of March/mid-April.
 7.      Treasurer’s Report
 ·   Stuart Wilson reported that the Christmas gratuities was the largest expenditure. This was on the postman, dustman and cleaner. Per flat it is about £1.50. We haven’t spent much.
 ·    Fees were spent on website hosting and around £100 for some water work to be done on the roof.
 8.      AOB
 ·  Pillars – Peter asked about the structural work. Peter is concerned that the hotel should be paying towards this.
   ·  QQ roof access. We discuss the man who was caught on CCTV (a few months ago) on the roof of QQ jumping to the Westin Hotel roof, he then entered their fire escape before making his way to the hotel reception. We asked should only residents have a fob. This needs to be taken up with Emma G-J.
 ·  Completion date for the fire doors – Emma G-J should be updating us.
 ·  Emma G-J has not given us the Templemark accounts. Stuart will push her as to get her game up.
 ·  Sign of progress on the Riverside walkway. Latest reports indicate it will be opened by mid-March.
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