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Committee Minutes

Residents Association
Minutes of meeting held on Thursday, 12 November 2017

Attendance: Ro Foley (Chairman), Peter Knight (Vice Chairman); Elliot Harkness (Secretary); Stuart Wilson (Treasurer), Colin Mason (Part), Souad Faress,  Margaret Shaw, Christian Jervis-Read

In Attendance: Alastair King (Part), Brian Mooney (Part), Tony Gordon-James

Apologies; Rodney Clark, James Lambert

Minutes of Previous Meeting: Approved

Matters Arising:
  • Roof Performance: The summer opening hours considered a success. It was thought that the new lightweight furniture contributed to significant decrease in noise. It was Agreed to continue with 10pm closing
  • Rubbish Disposal: Following the removal of the ledge at the end of the chute no problems had been reported.

Building Maintenance

- Lighting: Basement timing now regularised.  Faulty corridor lights now fixed.
- General Small Repairs: Post the meeting Tony G-J spoke with Jacques and agreed a programme which included refurbishing the corridor skirting boards.
- Laundry: Now taking new coins except the left hand drier which still accepts the old coins
- Flooding Issue – Basement- Fault rectified and appropriate sump pump serviced
- 1st Floor: The external roof on the west side had been partially re-waterproofed and it was Agreed that the whole roof should now be treated.
- Forward Plan for Repairs and Refurbishment: Tony G-J has up to date report including total infrastructure and can make available.
- External Remedial Work and Cleaning: Whilst the Developer is contractually committed to clean the building at the end of the development it is hoped to make use of the Developer’s scaffolding to carry out any remedial repairs to the external of the building.
- Fire Regulations: Tony G-J tabled the latest fire-risk assessment report, which contains a number of recommendations for safety upgrades. It was Agreed that Colin M and Elliot H would work with SJPM to bring forward recommendations in time for the AGM in January 2018

Queensbridge House Development

- Service Access to proposed Restaurant: The Developer had floated the idea to SJPM of providing an opening on the west side of Queen’s Quay close to the bin store to provide access to a new service area to serve the new restaurant.
- Following a site visit by member’s of the QQRA committee, Alastair King and Brian Mooney and Tony Gordon-James it was Agreed that this suggestion was unacceptable and that Tony Gordon-James should immediately instruct the Developer to revert to the original planned access point through the concertina doors into the service area.
- Additional safeguards will be required regarding the likely paraphernalia cluttering up the service area of a restaurant

- Broken House Wharf Letter: it was agreed that the letter circulating regarding the Broken House development had no appropriate application at this time to the QBH development.

Templemark and QQRA AGMs

- Date: Monday 22 January 2018. Following the meeting the date was re-scheduled to Monday 29 January 2018
- Venue: It was agreed to ask Vascroft if they could make their main project office available for the meetings.

Freehold Project:

- It was generally thought that insufficient interest had been indicated by owners to seek       Counsel’s opinion on key issues.

Xmas at QQ

- John Green will be asked again to provide the Xmas Tree
- The usual party in reception to be held on Tuesday 12 December

Treasurer’s Report

- Expenses incurred – new roof furniture and renewal of Domain name for website.
- Balance: £7107.


- Corridor Cleaning: it was Agreed that Tony G-J would discuss with Jacques how best to improve the cleaning in the corridors
- Pets in Flats: The issue of pets regularly frequenting the building was raised. It was Agreed to keep a watching brief to ensure there was no escalation in the practice.
- Charity Donations: Souad Faress (Flat 501) is willing to arrange for clothes and occasional items of furniture to be uplifted by The British Heart Foundation

Peter and Margaret were thanked for their hospitality

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