Fire Regulations - Queens Quay Residents Association

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Fire Regulations

Local Information
1. Fire Safety Regulations in Queens Quay are the responsibility of the Managing Agents, the resident concierge and a designated member of QQRA Committee.
2. All residents are responsible for their own safety and should make themselves aware of the escape routes.
3. There is Fire Fighting Equipment located on every floor
4. Should any smoke / heat detector activate the Fire Alarm, the Fire Station is automatically alerted.
5. The location (floor) of the fire is displayed on the panel beside the concierge's desk on the ground floor.
6. In the event of the Fire Alarm being activated all residents must make their way to the ground floor:
• Lifts should NOT be used
• Follow the nearest "Fire Exit" Signs
• Fire Doors are generally kept 'Open' by means of magnetic circuits - they will ALL shut on activation of the Fire Alarm.
• A small number of doors are not on magnetic catches - these must NEVER be left propped open.
7. The Resident Concierge in Queens Quay is responsible for checking equipment as required - this person must undergo approved training and a record retained of this.
8. A designated member of the Residents' Association Committee must be responsible for ensuring a "Fire Policy" is in place and is displayed for all residents' information.
9. The concierge must ensure that engineers / workmen to plant rooms are aware of the regulations.

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