Minutes 20 September 2023 - Queens Quay Residents Association

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Minutes 20 September 2023

Residents Association
Queen’s Quay Residents Association
Meeting held via Zoom
Wednesday 20th September at 1800hrs
Attending: Rodney Clark, Ro Foley (Chair), Peter Knight, Colin Mason, Emma McNiven, Brian Mooney, Sophia Mooney (Secretary), Geoffrey Purves, & Stuart Wilson (Treasurer)
1.                  Apologies
Apologies noted from Sailesh Vekaria and Alastair King.
2.                  Minutes of previous meeting to approve 7th February 2023
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
3.                  Refurbishment
·         Queens Quay is due to have a refurbishment as was last done 18 years ago. There is not much money in the sinking fund and Emma Gordon-James will discuss this next week at the Templemark AGM.
·         We need to think what we need to do right now. It was discussed that we should possibly do a basic uplift as Phase 1. Currently Emma G-J’s architect quoting £200-250k but in a few years (when works would likely take place) £500k would be the ball point figure and it is too much with all the Health and Safety costs to cover at the current time. Also design would be out of date.
·         Brian – Reception area and carpets should be adequate as stage one. Not a top to bottom refurb as unaffordable. Adding that we could achieve the entrance lobby with a shorter ramp as agreed with the City.
·         Peter - likes the idea of the hard floor. However, Ro pointed out that the current carpet has worn very well over the years.
·         Brian and other committee members would like us all to agree on something before the AGM on Monday 25th September. It was agreed that as a committee we would like to do the refurbishment in stages. We want to keep it simple and cost effective.
·         Ro pointed out that there was a fire inspection today. Doors still haven’t been completed. We discussed the works that still need to be done, we need figures from Emma GJ.
·         It was further discussed that Ro, Stuart, Sailesh and Sophia met a few weeks ago to discuss keeping the costs down. Emails are transparent and will be sent to everyone on the committee.
Action: Sophia to email Sailesh (copying in the rest of the committee) to see if he can come up with a general quote (in todays prices) for lobby touch up, ramp, carpets, wallpaper in the corridors. Sailesh had an idea for around £20k for the wheelchair/ramp access. Flooring needs to show minimal stains.
1.                  Treasurer’s Report
Since the last report Queens Quay has received £1,200 from Templemark.
·         Expenses are small: Rodney for the website £41. Sophia for the flowers on the roof £103.
·         Peter would like to order new batteries for the defibrillator which are now needed.
·         Not many have been to a training course – something for all of us to consider doing.
·         The current balance is: £9,400.11.
2.                  AOB
·         The issue of short term lets was raised, i.e. 3-4 day stints. This has an effect on all residents and our Concierge Jacques.
Action: Sophia to email (copying in the committee) Emma G-J to suggest:
a.       A letter to all landlords stating this is in breach of our lease.
b.      Anyone letting and then subletting is in breach of their lease (raised by Emma McNiven). Also see point d. below.
c.       Naming and shaming: we ask Emma G-J to contact the landlord directly.
d.      Peter has given Sophia the excerpt from the lease.
·         There has been rubbish in the stairwells which has been noticed by the Fire Brigade/Emma G-J. She will be removing this in a skip. Costs will be shared with Queens Quay and Globe View (where they have a similar problem).

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