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Newsletter Archive May 2016

We hold a community meeting on the second Monday of the month. Our next
community meeting was scheduled for 9 May beginning at 6pm in Cantillon’s site office,
which is next to the entrance of Queen’s Quay, behind the blue site hoarding.

Note - this meeting has now been cancelled as archaeological examinations currently taking place on the site have resulted in a pause in most development activity and thehfore there is litt;e to update you and other residents on. The work is expected to be completed in the next couple of weeks.

Summary of work
The rain screen cladding to Queen’s Quay is now complete down to first floor
and we have finished the capping detail on the roof.
We also had some good news this week, when we received a letter from the City
of London letting us know that we have won a Gold Award for the works on this
project. We are pleased that the hard work of the team has been recognised.

Planned works
Next week we will be removing the last section of the first floor slab at
Queensbridge House, along with the building columns – a small section that
runs parallel with the wall of Queen’s Quay.
We are still looking to start work on the bridge structure, the part of Queensbridge
House over Upper Thames Street, soon but do not yet have a date for this.
Archaeologists will also come to the site in the next couple of weeks and will
start their investigations north of Upper Thames Street first. We will assist them
wherever we can.

Thames Water works to Queen’s Quay are still planned and will begin when
we have permission from the management of the building to carry these out.
We will keep residents informed as this moves on.

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