Newsletter August 2019 - Queens Quay Residents Association

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Newsletter August 2019

August 2019 Newsletter

Summary of work
Works on the South Zone have been progressing well. The works on the flood defence wall for the River Walkway have commenced and the work needed to take the building from its foundation to putting plaster on the internal walls is ongoing, as is the work on the external wall. In the Central Zone, the concrete frame structure has now been completed and the window installation has commenced. Meanwhile, the internal mechanical works, e.g. electrical and plumbing, first fix works and work on the external wall are ongoing.
Similarly, in the North West Zone the concrete structure has been completed and the internal mechanical and fa├žade work are ongoing. The window installations have also commenced.

Upcoming works
 Continue external wall construction in all zones
 Continue internal partitions in all zones
 Commence installation of roof steel structure works
 Complete flood defence wall works
 Commencement installation of roof pant
 Continue with internal mechanical; electrical and plumbing works in all zones
 Continue installation of windows all zones
 Commence external cladding works in all zones

Road Update
There are no road closures scheduled over the next period of works.

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