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Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 16 May 2017

Attendance: Ro Foley (Chairman), Peter Knight (Vice Chairman); Elliot Harkness (Secretary); Stuart Wilson (Treasurer), Rodney Clark, Colin Mason; Jane Bartlett, James Lambert, Margaret Shaw

In Attendance: Alastair King

Apologies; Scott Currin; Christian Jervis-Read; Souad Faress
Brian Mooney also gave his apologies

Minutes of Previous Meeting: Approved

Matters Arising:
- AIRB&B. In view of developments and impending court cases in London it was agreed that ‘cautionary’ notices be included on the website. Such notices would explain that Jacques is not available for extra assistance for holiday renters

Freehold Project.
- Leasehold Solutions had been in contact with Brian Mooney suggesting a levy to fund counsel’s opinion in matters relating to the PLA.
- Disappointment was expressed that there had been no formal follow-up from the May meeting.
- Agreed; QQRA will not take a position as this is very much an individual decision.

Queensbridge House Development
• Funders lined up and a framework agreement due to be signed. There is a delay (probably 5 weeks) due to a valuation ‘hiccup’
• The Developer indicated this would not cause any delay.
• The new timetable
o Demolition completion by end of 2017
o Build start early 2018 – completion end of 2019
o Hotel ready – early 2020
o Walkway completed by end of 2019
• Alastair King confirmed that he and others met every three weeks with the Developer Principals.
• The developer has agreed to upgrade the hoardings and the area surrounding QQ
• It had been agreed that the footbridge would re-open and responsibility, will in the short term, be shared by –QBH Developer and Thames Court in the expectation that either TFL or the City Corporation would assume long term responsibility.
• Alastair K undertook to keep the committee advised as far as he could.
Roof Access:
- It was agreed to modify the ‘roof opening rules’
- The new arrangement which will be in place until September 2017
o Open 8am – 10pm, but the heavy furniture will be removed.

Post meeting amendment:
- Following an inspection by Ro Foley, Peter Knight and Jacques it was recommended that replacing the heavy furniture with aluminum bistro tables and chairs should be trialled for the summer. It was agreed that no furniture could cause more issues than it solved. This decision will be reviewed at the next meeting.

Rubbish Disposal:
- Noted: there had been a number of instances recently when the chute was completely blocked and the managing Agents had written to all ‘owners’ but this had not solved the problem.
- No agreement was reached about how to eliminate this problem
- But it was agreed to produce a letter for Jacques to hand out to people suspected of contravening good practice.
Post Meeting action:
• Peter K re-examined the chute and has suggested a design change which when implemented should assist in reducing the problem of blockage.

Treasurer’s Report
• Income: £1,000 from Managing Agents
• Expenditure: £82.
• Funds: £7,500.

Internal Fabric
o It was noted that the Managing Agent was developing new designs for the Reception.
o It was agreed (with one consistent exception) that there were other priorities not least, corridor lighting.
o The 10 year building plan promised by the Managing Agent at the Templemark  AGM had not been circulated and it was felt that until some longer term outlook was considered there should be no rush for any reception upgrade.
o It was noted that someone got ‘stuck’ in a lift and it took about one hour thirty minutes to get an engineers. It was agreed to ask the Managing Agent to ensure the call-out protocol ensured 1 hour maximum.

o It was noted that Jacques would keep afloat of £100 of old £1 coins until the machines have been converted to accept the new £1 coins

Committee Membership
o Jane Bartlett resigned from the committee

Post Meeting discussion
o An informal discussion agreed to increase the number of QQRQ meetings to 4 per year. The next meeting will be held in the second half of September 2017

Thanks to Peter and Margaret for their hospitality

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