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Queens Quay Newsletter

Welcome to the fourth edition of the new half yearly newsletter for Queens Quay which is being introduced to advise you of what is taking place in and around the building as well as a reminder of the rules of Queens Quay. We hope that you will find this useful.

Covid 19
We thank everyone for their continued care and support in Queens Quay of your neighbours and ask that you continue to be vigilent.  We have a very competent cleaning company who are in the building daily to ensure that all common areas are maintained to the highest standard. You will also see in the coming weeks an automatic hand sanitising dispenser for your use on entry to the building and we kindly encourage you to use this.
May we also take this opportuntiy to remind you of the following points:
• If you need to cough or sneeze, catch it, kill it and bin it
• Wash your hands on arrival to the building, after using the toilet and before leaving the building.
• Try not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands

May we remind you that parcels are not the responsibility of Templemark Ltd nor Jacques the caretaker.  We have made every effort to ensure the safety of parcels being unattended by covering the area with CCTV, however Templemark Ltd will not take liability for any parcels that potentially go missing. If you are concerned about the security of parcels then please ensure that you are available to take delivery or arrange delivery with a neighbour.  For your information Amazon offers a secure pick up facility at 1 New Change for any items ordered off their website should you be concerned.

BACS Service Charge Payments
We would like to remind you that you are able to pay for service charges by BACS over the internet which might be more convenient for you.  You will find the bank account details on your demand close to the amount due. Due to Covid 19 and logistical difficulties banking cheques there may be a time delay if you choose to send a cheque.

Roof Rules
May we remind you that the roof opening hours are 08.00 – 22.00 and people must not stay later as it disturbs other residents. When using the roof please be considerate to the building and remove your rubbish and don’t drag the furniture.  

Refuse Rooms
In the interest of cleanliness and consideration for your neighbours please ensure that you place all rubbish into a small tied bag before disposal.  General waste and food must be put down the chute and NOT the recycling bin.  Re-cycling must be put into clear bags and what can and cannot be recycled is stated in the refuse rooms.  Please do not put liquids down the chute as this causes leakage and damage to the communal areas.

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