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Queensbridge House Development Newsletter

Issue 55 - September 2020 - Summary of work
COVID-19 continues to be a primary concern and measures remain in place to ensure all work is carried out in line with the latest government guidance.In the South Zone, internal partition, service installation and dylining works are ongoing, as well as external cladding and glazing installation works.Crane dismantling is now complete. In the Central Zone, external cladding and glazing installation works, and internal partition works in guestrooms are now complete. Internal finishing and decoration, and services installation works are all ongoing. External scaffolding and steelwork has been removed.
In the North Zone, external cladding installation is ongoing. Internal partition works in guestrooms is now complete and ongoing in public areas. Internal services installation works, finishing and decoration works are ongoing. External scaffolding and steelwork is being removed and dismantling the crane complete. The on-site project team are undertaking façade brickwork cleaning using a DOFF system, a high-temperature steam clean, which has already been used at Queens Quay and will improve the aesthetics of the completed buildings. The areas set to be cleaned are the north-facing building façade, the adjacent connecting east-facing façade and sections of the west elevation. These additional works are being paid for by 4C Hotel Group.
Upcoming works
Over the next two months, the following works are set to be progressed:
• Progress with cladding and glazing installation in the South and North Zones
• Complete internal partition of all areas
• Progress with the internal service installation in all areas
• Progress with the internal finishes and decoration works
• Cleaning of façade brickwork
There are no road closures planned at present.
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