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Rubbish Disposal

Queens Quay Living
All household waste MUST be put in SMALL plastic bags and put down the chute which is at the Upper Thames Street end of each corridor on the right. Larger items and bags must be taken directly to the rubbish room on the ground floor and placed in one of the large bins provided. Do NOT try and push large bags down the chute as this leads to jams in the chute which are difficult to clear.

Household waste must NOT be left in the rubbish rooms on each of the floors as this causes a health hazard and if confused with the recycling material, causes contamination of the recycling material which can result in prosecution.

YES to recycling

•Glass - Everything except plate glass
•Plastic Bottles, trays & tubs
•Newspapers, non-foil wrapping paper
•Paper and Cardboard (flatten cardboard boxes)
•Shredded Paper - Put in paper bag or envelope
•Biscuit & Chocolate Tins & Drinks Cans
•Drink Cartons - all waxed drink cartons

NO to recycling

•Food / Liquids
•Plastic wrappers and film / Black sacks
•Tissues / Kitchen roll / Polystyrene
•Cutlery & Crockery

Please take large items to the Ground Floor Rubbish Room

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